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Hansa Stuffed Plush Echidna

Stuffed Plush

European style quality from Hansa.  Lovingly designed from portraits of real echidnas.  Hand made in small lots.

10 Inches Long

Made in The Philippines

Hansa Stuffed Plush Echidna

Echidna, also spiny anteater, common name for a type of egg-laying mammal. The short-nosed echidna found in Australia is about 14 to 21 inches long, exclusive of a short tail. The toothless mouth has an tongue suitable for catching ants, termites, and other small insects. The New Guinean echidna has a long, curved snout and grows as long as 30 inches. In locations where ants and termites are abundant, the smaller echidnas make useful pets; they are long-lived and, despite their bristly coat, are gentle in disposition.

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