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Hansa Stuffed Plush Leaf Monkeys
Beige Leaf Monkey Brown Leaf Monkey

Stuffed Plush Leaf Monkeys

Luxurious life-like plush from Hansa. Hand made in small lots.
Lovingly designed from portraits of real leaf monkeys.

7 Inches Long

Made in The Philippines

Beige Leaf Monkey
Stuffed Beige Leaf Monkey

Temporarily Out of Stock
22 May 14


Brown Leaf Monkey
Stuffed Brown Leaf Monkey

The leaf monkeys comprise about 14 species including the sacred monkey, or Hanuman langur of India. Members of this genus are gregarious, diurnal, basically arboreal monkeys with long tails, slender bodies, and long, slender limbs, hands, and feet. Depending on species, the head and body are about 16 to 31 inches long. These monkeys have long fur, and many species have characteristic caps or crests of long hair.

The Hanuman langur, typical of this genus, is almost black when newborn and gray, tan, or brown when adult. Regarded as sacred in India, it roams at will in villages and temples, raiding crops or the stores of merchants. The Hanuman langur lives in bands of about 20 to 30. Males have clearly marked dominance positions, but females have no fixed status. Mothers are protective but allow other females to help care for the young.

"langur." Encyclopędia Britannica

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