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Hansa Stuffed Plush Tarsier

Stuffed Plush

Handcrafted European style
from Hansa. Lovingly designed from portraits of real tarsiers.
The tarsier is the smallest of the primates.

7½ Inches Sitting

Made in The Philippines

Hansa Plush Tarsier

Tarsier  - any of three species of small primates, family Tarsiidae, intermediate in form between lemurs and monkeys. Tarsiers are found on several Southeast Asian islands including the Philippines, Celebes, Borneo, and Sumatra. They have long legs, short bodies, and rounded heads that can be rotated through 180°. Their faces are short, and the eyes, their most striking feature, are large and goggling.

Tarsiers cling vertically to trees and leap from trunk to trunk. They are nocturnal animals and prey mainly on insects. A single young is produced in a fairly well-developed state, well furred and with eyes open; gestation may require about six months.

"tarsier." Encyclopędia Britannica from Encyclopędia Britannica Premium Service.

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