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About No China Plush

Presented by the folks from Stuffed Ark, No China Plush is a collection of premium quality lifelike stuffed plush animals from around the world which were not made in China.  Stuffed Ark Corporation is a family business based in the Sierra foothills near Sacramento, California.  For more information about Stuffed Ark, click here.

We have been in business since 1997, serving thousands of customers through our web stores.  All of our merchandise is of the best quality available, shopping transactions are processed using secure servers, and orders are promptly shipped, insured and tracked, via UPS or USPS.

Over the past generation, as a consequence of free trade agreements and the evolution of world economies, the manufacture of most toys, including stuffed animals, has moved overseas.  Press reports indicate that 80% of the toys sold in America are now made in China.  To our knowledge, there are no domestic U.S. manufacturers of premium quality stuffed animals suitable for our web stores.

As a retail merchant, Stuffed Ark Corporation purchases all of its merchandise from U.S. toy companies and wholesalers with overseas manufacturing sources.  All of our merchandise is thoroughly tested and inspected for safety by our U.S. suppliers.  We remain confident in the quality of all of our stuffed animals, regardless of source.

Nevertheless, some of our customers have expressed a desire for an alternative to Chinese made stuffed animals.  Since we believe that American free enterprise is about delivering what our customers want, we have identified a sub-set of our Stuffed Ark collection that was NOT made in China.  These top quality stuffed animals come from Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, The Philippines, the United Kingdom, and other sources from around the world.

So, if your concern about the economy, politics or the environment is leading you to search for an alternative, we say,

"Don't buy Chinese, if you please . . . "

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