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Stuffed Birds NOT From China

Here is a collection of stuffed birds that were NOT made in China.  They come from other countries around the world, and they are presented here by the folks from Stuffed Ark.

Don't buy Chinese, if you please . . .

Hansa Budgerigars
From The Philippines

Handcrafted European style life-like plush budgies

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Hansa Dodo Bird
From The Philippines

Luxurious European style quality. 8" long.

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Hansa Falcon
From The Philippines

Hand made in small lots.
9" tall.

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Hansa Kiwi
From The Philippines

Hand made in small lots.

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Hansa Pheasant
From The Philippines

European style quality, 12" tall.

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Special Delivery Storks
From Indonesia

In pink or blue from Aurora.
11" high.

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  Large Hansa Vulture
From The Philippines

European style quality, 15" tall.

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